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Some time ago I closed this online store and
moved all of my electronic parts to ebay.

In the past couple of years ebay has raised their fees
and made it more and more difficult to sell on their site.

The new policies set by ebay in 2015 have pushed me away and
I am in the process of setting up this web based site again.
It will take me a while to get this finished, but I will be able to list
many more items here than on ebay, and since I won't have to pay
the fees to ebay I can and will lower my prices.

I will still accept payment with Paypal, so you will receive
the buyer protection that they offer.

You can buy anything I have listed on ebay by
including it with an order placed here on my
website and you will receive at least a 10% price
reduction. Don't buy it on ebay, add it to an order here.

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Foreign Buyers:
Due to recent problems and complaints I am no longer shipping
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No Minimum Order !!

Check back often because I am adding new items frequently.
Capacitor Cap Condenser
picofarad nanofarad
microfarad uf nf pf

Electrolytic Axial Lead
Electrolytic Radial Lead
Diodes & Rectifiers
Diode Rectifier Bridge
germanium small signal
silicon full wave half wave

Bridge Rectifiers
Switching & Signal Diodes
Standard Rectifier Diodes
Screw Nut Washer Spacer
Hex Stand Off Standoff

Aluminum Spacers
Steel Spacers
Nylon Hardware & Spacers
#6 Screws, Nuts, Washers
#8 Screws, Nuts, Washers
#10 Screws, Nuts, Washers
Inductors &
Inductor Transformer
Torroid Powder iron

Ferrite & Powdered Iron Toroids
Ferrite Cores & Bobbins
Small Inductors & Misc
Toroid & E-Core Types
Connector Terminal Strip
Breaker Relay fuse

Ceramic Filters & Discriminators
Ceramic Resonators
Connectors, Terminal Strips, Misc
Fuses & Circuit Breakers
IC Sockets
Switches & Pushbuttons
& Knobs
Potentiometer Variable
Resistor Instrument Knob
Trimmer Multi-Turn
10-turn trimpot

Cermet Pots
Knobs for 1/8" Shaft
Knobs for 1/4" Shaft
Knobs - Odd Shaft Size
Standard Pots
Trim Pots - Carbon
Trim Pots - Cermet Single-Turn
Trim Pots - Cermet Multi-Turn
Resistor Carbon
Film Metal

1/8-Watt 5% Resistors
1/4-Watt 5% Resistors
1/2-Watt 5% Resistors
1-Watt Standard Resistors
2-Watt Standard Resistors
1% Precision Resistors 1/8-Watt
1% Precision Resistors 1/4-Watt
1% Precision Resistors 1/2-Watt
Power Resistors
Resistor Networks

DIP - Bussed
SIP - Bussed
SIP - Isolated
Dual Terminator
Semiconductor Oscillator
Circuit LED Display
Transistor Triac Regulator

Crystal Oscillators
Integrated Circuits
LED's & Displays
MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor)
SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier)
Transistors - Bipolar
Transistors - Unijunction & Photo
Transistors - MOSFET
Voltage Regulators

*Note: Some pages are large with many pictures and take time to load.

No Minimum Order !!

Check back often for new items!

How To Order

Shipping & Handling