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General Information

The Digital Shop stocks a wide variety of electronic components and makes many of them available at a price far below that of other parts distributors.

A large portion of our components are "surplus" in nature, and are thus sold on an as-available basis.  Our parts are not intended for use in life support
applications or any type of critical circuit where failure could cause injury to people or property.  Even though these are considered to be surplus components we make the best effort possible to only supply quality parts and specifically identify those parts that may not be "Like New".

To keep our costs down we generally pre-package items into bags or packages of a specific quantity, and therefore only sell in multiples of the quantity stated.  Smaller quantities may be made available, but with an increase in cost due to the time involved in repackaging them.  It is generally best for you to purchase a full package of an item rather than to ask for a smaller quantity.

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