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How To Order

You place an order with me by copying the item from the online catalog into an email.

Edit the number at the beginning of each line before the "x" to order more than 1 of each item.

(See the example at the bottom of this page.)

After I receive your order via email I will determine the best shipping method and cost and will reply with the details in an email. If you have chosen to pay with PayPal I will send an invoice to you directly from PayPal. You then have the choice to complete the sale or not. I will hold your order for 5 days, but if I don't receive your confirmation or PayPal payment in that time frame I will release the parts back into inventory where they could be bought by another customer.

Order processing may take 1 to 3 business days, Monday thru Friday. Many orders will be shipped the next business day. If I expect any delay in shipping your order I will inform you about the delay in my email.

I only accept payment with PayPal or a U.S. Postal Money Order.

Due to my location I cannot accept other types of money orders, U.S. Postal Money Orders only.

Please don't send cash.

Information I need from you to place an order:

Your Name, Full Shipping address, and email address.
(Please provide full names, not abbreviations.)
2. The Quantity, Description, and SKU number of each item.
(Orders must be placed in multiples of the pre-packaged quantity of the item)
3. How you will be paying.
(PayPal or U.S. Postal Money Order)
4. Your shipping preference.
Small packages under 13-ounces can be shipped First Class Mail.
All packages over 13-ounces must be shipped Priority Mail or Parcel Post.
Priority Mail is generally the best method for packages over 13-ounces.

Order Example:

John Q. Public
123 Main Street
Sometown, ST  ZIP
(123) 456-7890

I wish to order the following parts from your online catalog:

1x   3.0 Ohm 1/4-watt 5% Film Resistors Pkg of 100 pcs, $1.00/pkg SKU:0188-AB
4x   9.1K 1/4-watt 5% Film Resistors Pkg of 100 pcs, $1.00/pkg SKU:2063-ED4

(Put any special instructions or shipping options here)

The order above would include:
100 pieces of the 3.0 Ohm Resistor = $1.00
400 pieces of the 9.1K Resistor = $4.00

Shipping would be $2.55
(Based on postage rates December, 2011)

Total for this order would be $7.55

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